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Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

The field of personal training and the needs of modern day professional personal trainers is rapidly evolving in line with the broad ranging needs and goals of the clients they serve. As a result, the industry has never been more competitive. Highly successful personal trainers are results driven and confidently differentiate their services offered to provide an ethical service and sustain a highly successful business. Driving this success is a more scientific and evidence-based approach to programming, training, monitoring and managing clients which translates to better client retention as well as attracting new clients.

Entry Requirement - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Payment Options: Finance, Funding or Full Payment

12 Weeks

Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training



Course Information

This qualification provides learners with the enhanced knowledge and skills to fully understand their clients, utilise an evidence-based approach to programming and develop a successful and sustainable personal training business, including:

• Research, evaluation and use of credible research and information to inform personal training / coaching practice.
• Integration and application of technologies, digital and social media into personal training practice to support, enhance and manage the client journey.
• The application of behaviour change and communication techniques to support, enhance and manage the client journey.
• Assessment, performance analysis and evaluation to support, enhance and manage the client journey.
• Design and application of long-term periodisation, planning, coaching and evaluation to optimise client success.

Course Structure

This is an online course where you will complete a 12 week case study with an actual real life client.

On sign up to the course, you will be introduced to your course tutor and will schedule in a 30/40 minute webinar to kick start the qualification. You will be sent all of the course resources and literature to help you begin your 12 week journey with your client.

During your 12 week journey with your client, you will be:

  • Completing an initial consultation and assessment – This will be through evaluating the clients lifestyle demands, needs and personal goals using appropriate techniques and methods. You must carefully select, collect and record the methods and techniques used, justifying why these assessments are required for the client specifically.
  • Plan a long term periodised programme – Using the information that was selected during the initial consultation and assessment process you will design a long-term plan (at least 3 mesocycles) that will effectively facilitate the achievement of your clients long term goal (macrocycle). You will also justify how each stage of the programming will facilitate the achievement of your clients short, medium and long term goals using credible and current information sources.
  • Coaching your client to optimise goal achievement – You will be working with your client for 12 weeks, maintaining effective, clear, client friendly, professional records detailing all programmes, session plans, modifications and training notes. The session plans will be designed to minimise the risk of injury and overtraining whilst optimising progression towards the achievement of your client’s specific goals. From this you will then justify how each session have contributed to the achievement of your clients goals using credible and current information sources.
  • Presenting your case study findings – You will be assessed on a number of occasions over the course of your qualification. This will be through 2 formative vivas (oral Q&A’s over webinars), submission of the case study and a presentation (completed over a webinar).

Course Units

This is an Internationally recognised qualification awarded through Active IQ who are governed by Skills Active.

You will study the following units during the Level 4 Certificate in Personal Training course:

  • Unit 1 – Applied techniques to support, enhance and manage the client journey – Formative viva 1 & 2, submission of case study.
  • Unit 2 – Progressing clients towards successful achievement of goals – Presentation of client case study, Summative viva.

*A viva is a Q&A that will be completed over a webinar with your designated tutor.


How To Select Your Dates

Your course will be hosted online and guided by your online tutor. Your online tutor* will schedule webinar chats with you to help you complete your case studies.

All of the course resources and LAP’s will be sent to you upon enrolment onto the course. You will then schedule a webinar chat will your designated tutor where you will be taken through what you need to do to complete your 12 week case study with your client. From here, your online tutor will then schedule in further dates with you to catch up with your work and run through any areas of assistance that you may need help on. Towards the end of your 12 week case study your online tutor will then schedule in your online assessments. This will include submission of your portfolio, completing your summative viva through a webinar and also completing your presentation through a webinar.

*All of our tutors are experienced Personal Trainers that hold this qualification.

Payment Information

We have a number of options of how you can pay for this course. If you would like to book onto the course through our website, you have the following 2 options:

  • Option 1: £950 full payment
  • Option 2: £125 deposit and 12 monthly payments of £68.75 at 0% interest. (Direct debit will be set up once the deposit has been paid).

Apply for an Advanced Learner Loan

To begin your application for an advanced learner loan, simply email Graham@velocity-pt.co.uk with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Location
  • Course of Interest
  • How you would like to study your course (Online/Classroom)

From there we will then begin the application process with you for your desired course and also, most importantly, you can start studying.

Alternatively, feel free to call our head office on 01132 866453 and press ext 1 to speak to a course advisor.

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