You’ve heard of the Vegan Sausage roll, be prepared for Vegan McDonalds Nuggets


In early 2019, the vegan sausage roll took over all the news. The best story in recent years to become breaking news as fans either adored the idea or were fully against Greggs and the horrible product they had decided to make.

Greggs have said although the creation of the vegan sausage roll amongst other healthier creations alike had cost them million to make, for the first time in their history in 2019 they had made over a billion pounds in sales. The vegan sausage roll was released early January to coincide with Veganuary, where people choose to begin the month of January being vegan.

So with the likes of Greggs and the world famous sausage roll and Dominos and their vegan cheese surely McDonalds would have to jump on the hype pretty soon, right?

Well, atlas they have decided to create the vegan nugget, the first taste of cruelty free fast food! The nugget featuring potato, chickpeas, onion, carrots and corn will be covered in the same crispy coating as the meaty counterpart.

‘The Vegetarnugget’ as the translation suggest are currently available at locations throughout Norway. This is actually Norway’s second vegetarian product after the ‘Vegetarian McFeast’, which was an alternative to the Chicken McFeast which they launched a few years back.

Unfortunately, for now the vegan nuggets are only available within Norway.  There is talk of them going over to Australia and potentially the USA in an attempt to lower the environmental produce which is being created due to such intense meat production. However, sadly there is no talk of them coming to the UK anytime soon, that is unless they become a massive and wild success!

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