The online training business model

Your online training business model is a plan you will implement to ensure you generate revenue and profit over a sustainable period of time.

So, what is the major downfall of most online coaches? They provide exercise and nutrition programmes to individuals. Now though this might sound great, and like it is the right thing to do, it is essentially your face to face business model rather than your online model. Why would you offer a bespoke training plan online for less than you would in person?

You’re probably thinking because it’s online it takes less time and is a more effecient way of dealing with your clients, as you won’t have to meet them 2-3 times a week. However, you are forgetting about all the marketing it took to get that one client to sign up, you’re forgetting about the social media posts and you’re also forgetting about the back and forward email chain that’s developing with multiple questions and queries.

We have summarised two business models which we believe are worth pursuing, which are :

– Low end membership

– High end coaching

The low end membership model is the most common method adopted by most online personal trainers. While the low end membership is scalable, it requires a lot of work to set up and maintain at a high level. For a low end membership model to work effectively, it requires your training to be bought without any interaction on a one-to-one basis with the client. They will simply purchase the course, probably be added to a Facebook group and ask questions within a forum. In this situation it is down to the client to have all the ‘work’ on them as you are simply providing a system for them to follow. Should you manage to get a successful membership programme running, you can rely on regular revenue and flexibility and often hire a virtual assistant to do it all for you!

The high end coaching model is very much an expensive up sell compared to regular personal training. High end coaching requires you to sell psychological aspects as well as the physical, which is why it comes with a much higher price tag. It’s all fair to say you shall be dealing with a lot less clients using this method as you have to dedicate more time and value. In order to sell this service you need to have the set of skills and qualifications readily available. If you wouldn’t pay the high end price for your coaching, why would you charge it at that price essentially?

Ultimately, the model you choose has to be right for you and the skills you possess. If you’re great with information but not great with people then the low end model might be for you, whereas if you are great with people and want to dig deep into their fitness lives the high end model might be for you.

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