Your Covid-19 update – A letter from the MD, Ben Newbould

First of all, I hope you and your family are keeping well and safe.

We currently find ourselves in unprecedented timesSince the lockdown in March we, as many of you have found ourselves in a period of uncertainty, disrupted work and social patterns through the overarching threat of the coronavirus outbreak. Understandably, this has thrown a number of businesses and personal plans by the wayside, and we have been left with no other option than to adapt during these times. Here at Velocity, I wanted to update you with the plans that we have put in place to ensure that we don’t disadvantage our students and ensure that your learning journey continues as unaffected as possible.  

We have been working very hard in providing our students with guidance and support during this time. We have successfully been able to transition our courses to be delivered digitally, whilst keeping constant communications with our awarding body Active IQ and our regulators CIMSPA and OFQUAL. Through these communications, we have been able to develop some reasonable adjustments to some of our assessment procedures during this time. 

Remote Theory Exams  

We have had the confirmation from Active IQ that during this period of lockdown, until further notice, theory exams can be conducted remotely via Cirrus as timed exams. Please note that once the lockdown has been lifted, this approach to theory exams will be withdrawn and no longer permitted.  

If you feel that you are ready to sit your theory exams, and do want to proceed with this online theory option. Please contact your online tutor to see what dates and times are available to sit these. The results of the exams will then be emailed individually out to you within a timely 48 hours. 

Practical Observations 

It is apparent to say that because of the closure of gyms and leisure facilities, these assessments unfortunately can’t take place. This is in accordance with CIMSPA and OFQUAL’s guidelines for our chosen qualifications. With the speed of which this information changes, we will look to keep a close eye on when we can look to open up our assessment centres again. Until then, we urge our students to continue studying from the comfort of their own home and follow government guidelines. We will keep you updated on when you can make future assessment day bookings. 


We understand that many of our students would like to utilise this time effectively by studying and completing their coursework. So with this in mind, please feel free to complete any LAP (Learner Achievement Portfolio) work and email it to your online tutor. Your online tutor will be on hand to mark this and provide feedback remotely.


You may have noticed that your online tutor will be regularly checking up on your progress during this time. With these progress monitoring check ups, your online tutor will require you to complete a Learner Review Form which is sent through DocuSign. This is so we can monitor our students progression during their studies which is an Ofsted requirement. Please can you ensure that you sign these documents and send them back to your online tutor so that we can stay compliant during this time. 

Continuing your education 

Along with your coursework, we want to ensure that you don’t hit a roadblock with your learning during this time. So be sure to check out the Velocity Members Portal, as we are constantly updating new content on there every week. Here you will find heaps of educational content that compliments the core curriculum of your chosen qualifications. I have listed below a few highlights: 

Online extra modules

On our Members Portal we have a wide range of additional learning available, from resources, research studies and extra online modules to help further your knowledge. Now would be a perfect time to look at the “extra modules” that we have created and made available. Feel free to access these whilst you have time to do so as these are extra knowledge units designed to enhance the core curriculum content of your course. Examples of extra modules available are;  

– Coaching clients with diabetes 

– Advanced bodyweight exercises 

– Becoming an online coach 

– Creating payment plans and many more.  

If you have any issues in logging into the Members Portal, please contact

Webinars – Aside from the pre-recorded ones already on the members portal we are holding more live webinars and podcasts over the coming days. Our next webinar is around nutritional coaching and will be live at 6pm on the 14th May. If you would like more information on this or to join it then please contact you have missed some of our most recent webinars, don’t worry! We have uploaded these onto the webinar tab on the Members Portal. 

 Podcasts – We have also used this time to record and release a number of podcast episodes. We have released 3 new podcast episodes in the past weeks. These include guests such as fitness entrepreneur Jamie Alderton and the first man to ever deadlift 1000lb Andy Bolton. Be sure to watch/listen to these on the Members Portal or alternatively search for “VelocityRadio” on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. 

 Research Articles – We have a number of research based articles available on our members portal. These are evaluated and reviewed by some of the wisest minds currently working in the industry. These include Greg Nucklos and Eric Helms. Be sure to read over these to keep up-to-date with the latest industry research. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. We will keep you updated as news filters down from government on any ongoing updates. Keep fit and keep safe everyone. 

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