Your business, your vision.

Your business vision is crucial, where do you see yourself in 5,10,20 years? What’s the ultimate aim and goal? When shall you come home from work one day and think to yourself, that’s it i’ve done it?

By having a clear understanding of your business your desires can be translated into organisation goals over a short, medium and long term period. These goals will be used as signposts to how your business is developing and allow you to see areas which require further investment.

Interpreting these goals and ensuring their realistic, again is another thing. When you first begin for example you might state you want X amount of clients within your first year, however you have no evidence to prove how easy that maybe. You may completely smash that target or fall short. This is where you as a business owner need to be intelligent, you need to re adjust your targets so they are 100% achievable with 110% effort.

When you create your business you need to ensure you have a Value Statement, this essentially is the vision of your business and you combined. A lot of individuals often don’t factor themselves into how the business grows, they see themselves as something completely separate, however when it’s run by you and you’ve invested in it, how can it be?

There’s no dream too big about how you want to expand and what targets you want to achieve, you must just remember to stay realistic! If you plan your vision for 5,10 20 years and get to 5 years and are completely smashing all your targets, improve your 10 and 20 year goals!

It’s essential to set targets which are realistic but aren’t easily achievable as you want to push yourself to it these as this will enhance your vision! If your targets are easily smashed your business and vision won’t be improving.



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