Why is professionalism important?

The way in which someone feels about their job and their work is often reflected through their appearance, actions and behaviours. Therefore, dressing in the wrong manor, and acting unprofessional will give the impression you don’t like your job and don’t want to be there.

So, with that in mind – why is it important to be professional on the gym floor? Understandably, no one can be happy 24/7 it’s not possible due to personal circumstances and circumstances which aren’t your fault! However, you should try your best to not bring your personal life into the workplace.

Addressing the professional image – As well as acting in the right manor, you need to dress in the right manor. This includes wearing a clean, ironed company shirt with correct shoes and joggers, shorts or leggings, ensure you maintain a high level of hygiene as well.

It’s important to remember your environment in terms on tattoos. If they are un-professional, ensure you keep them covered up. It’s also important to check with your clients their feelings towards them and ensure it doesn’t offend them – if they do you must cover up.

To summaries, professionalism and integrity are essential. It’s important to live with a high ethical code of conduct as it will result in high professional standards. You must remember to practise what you preach also, as professionalism to a Personal Trainer will be ensuring you maintain high levels of activity. This doesn’t mean you’re shredded all year round, however you need to show your clients your ability to change your body as you please.

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