What’s the most reliable source for getting the best supplements?

Buying supplements nowadays is one of the hardest choices any gym go-er has, with every company stating their product is the best on the market, how can you quickly and efficient scan every product to find the best? Well, www.examine.com is your answer!

Examine.com provides free nutritional and supplement information based on science, with no bias arguments about who’s is best.

Founded in early 2011, they set out to analyse the full body of evidence to help you make healthy choices. Examine.com addresses nutritional problems by creating a systematic and objective database. Essentially, they don’t set out to examine a certain topic themselves, instead they report on the information which is already within the public domain. For example, they don’t create an objective such as being anti-supplement and find as many reasons why to support them, instead they find an article which may state about being anti-supplement and they pull it apart and analyse the pros and cons. As an educational organisation, they are seperate from any supplement or food company, and they ensure all their employees are not affiliates of these either.

Their summaries of products are fully referenced, trustworthy and unbiased. Which has led to the NY Times, BBC, Men’s Health and Forbes to name but a few organisations using their statics on a regular occurrence. FastCompany chose them as one of the most innovative companies of the Health and Fitness sector, while Men’s Fitness named them as a game-changer in the world of nutrition and scientific based testing.

Examine.com state themselves that they have put in over 25,000 hours of studying which have spanned over 50,000 studies, attracting over 2 million visitors a month! Now we think these guys know exactly what they’re talking about!

So, the next time you’re looking for unbiased nutritional information, be sure to go check them out!


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