What should you be sharing?

Social media has transformed our lives. The day to day interactions we are having today compared to just a few years ago has been phenomenal. More professionals have a social page before having a website! However, with the increase in medias, comes a confusion about just what we should be sharing! Here’s a quick guide to socials –

Facebook – The largest social site in the world. It’s great to find services near you and for you to promote what you’re doing! So, we recommend that on Facebook you share only professional aspects to your business profile and keep your private page to stuff in your personal life. Just because your clients are friends, they probably aren’t all fussed that you went on session at the weekend.

Instagram – This allows you to share photos and videos with captions, much like Facebook we suggest keeping your professional and private life separate. Make sure you’re sharing good solid media to your business account which can help your clients!

LinkedIn – This is a great professional media; this is where you can solely share information about your professional life and how you’re progressing. It may be great to link and connect to other individuals alike and those who inspire you.

You must understand the benefits and risk associated with using media. The benefits include –

– Allows you to keep up with industry changes

– Free opportunity to promote yourself (Possibility to pay)

– Opportunity to seek employment, further development & create professional links

The risks include –

– Information may not be reputable and may have been created by a fake source

– Your personal opinions may upset certain customers OR you may not express that they are your views and the employer may face a backlash

– Excessive use could result in a drop-in productivity

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