What is a SWOT?

A SWOT analysis essentially allows you to reflect on yourself and it highlights ways in which you can improve your skills, knowledge and practise. Why don’t you have a look at completing a SWOT analysis for yourself? Here’s some tips!

So, what does SWOT stand for?

– Strength

– Weakness

– Opportunity

– Threat

A strength is what it says, it’s something you believe you’re good at. This could be taking spin classes for example.

A weakness, analyses something you’re not so good at and you need to improve, this could be knowledge of nutrition.

An opportunity is something which will allow you to develop your skill set. This could be further courses, or a gap in the market which you can enter.

A threat is something which threatens your career and the industry you’re in. You must find ways to combat these to ensure success.

A SWOT analysis is a great self-reflection tool which can be great when you’re looking at completing CPD. The best part it doesn’t have to be neat, it can be jotted down on a scrap piece of paper whilst you’re waiting for clients. You can work on it for a few days to ensure you’ve covered all bases and from there well, you improve!

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