What is a handover?

A handover is something all professionals need to know how to complete in the gym environment.

Essentially a handover is just a written message to another member of staff starting their shift as yours is ending. It informs them of everything happening they need to know about while they’re on shift.

Handovers need to inform individuals of any inductions that are happening or need to happen, any cancelled classes and any faulty equipment. The best way to describe a handover is that it needs to describe anything happening or faulty within the gym which shouldn’t naturally happen. Think of the simplest day in a gym whereby all classes are running, there are no inductions, no faulty equipment and nothing else occurs which needs knowing about.

Here’s an example of a handover:

“Hi Stephen, tonight’s shift went really well. All client inductions were done, and classes were completed. However, one of the treadmills malfunctioned last night, I have put an out of order sign on it. If you could please ring the technicians today about it. I also have two more people wishing to come in tomorrow for their inductions. David is coming in at 9am, and Sarah is coming in at 11:30am – I have prepped them for what they need to bring and told them to wait in the seating area for yourself. Finally, Ben rang in last night saying he’s still feeling unwell therefore could you please try get hold of the clients who signed up to his spin class running this afternoon. Have a great shift!”

As easy as that.

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