What insurance do you need as a fitness professional?

The risk of injury and illness are higher for health & fitness customers than customers in any other industry. Insurance claim can be therefore very regular and typical claims include:

– Injury due to negligence or poor advice

– Psychological damage

– Lack of progress towards goals

– Harassment

– Sexual Harassment

Therefore, you must ensure you have public liability insurance as this cover fitness professionals against negligence resulting in injury, illness or property damage. You must ensure you understand what you are covered against, and how your employer will support you if a claim is made.

If you are self-employed insurance can be slightly different, you need to check what different organisations are offering and how they will support you. Being self-employed we suggest you have the following insurance documents –

– Personal Liability Insurance – Covers claims made against an injury or damage by a third party

– Professional indemnity insurance – This covers the you against poor advice or poor service by a third party

– Business Equipment Insurance – Covers you against equipment damage by a third party

To ensure you are covered against all claims we recommend you –

– Document everything! Ensure consent has been given by the third party, risks have been explained and understood, and all changes to plans have been written down. It is important you document everything that you feel could be brought back against you as a claim.

– Build relationships! Building relationships with clients can be beneficial and it allows you to understand what they enjoy, what they don’t and more importantly why! This can ensure you are successful and don’t have claim pushed against you due to negligence.

– Be organised! Ensure you store all the documentation in a safe place so it can be presented as evidence!

If you’re looking for fitness professional insurance, we recommend Insure4Sport. As a student of Velocity, you are entitled to 20% discount by using the code within your members portal.

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