What barriers are there for pre/post-natal women?

With the changing world, many women still want to exercise and keep fit during pregnancy, however many are scared of the effects which it may have on their bodies and the baby’s. With that in mind, let’s look at some barriers and discuss how to address them.

Firstly, focussing on pre-natal females –

Fear of miscarriage/harming the baby

Communicate with the client and ensure they know the benefits of exercise, make them aware that by exercise we don’t mean vigorous training. Ensure they are also aware that the trainer is qualified to teach the pregnant individuals and will adapt training to suit them per trimester.


You can reduce the intensity and allow longer rest periods, remember we’re not going for 1 rep maxes, were just assisting the client to ensure they are still active. If your client is too tired before their session, look to reschedule onto a day when they have more energy.


Much like fatigue, ensure longer rest periods and reschedule to suit your client if needs be. Choose more positions where the client is upright, avoid having them either on their knees or on the floor. Finally, it the symptoms continue look to refer them to a medical professional.

Childcare issues

If they have another child, it may be an issue as they can’t leave them. So, when you’re offering your sessions look to hold it in a location with a creche.


Now we will look at post-natal females

Lack of time

Design shorter exercise sessions for your clients or schedule them mini sessions they could complete at home. Suggest them to team up with other mums they know and go for walks, as the motivation will ensure the exercise is completed.

Lack of knowledge about exercise

Chances are if they’re contacting you, they’re looking for help and advice on how to exercise safely. Ensure you promote exercise and communicate how best to exercise depending on their feelings. Reassure them that you’re a qualified professional, and you can adapt training to suit them.

There are the most common physical and psychological issues surrounding pre & post-natal females exercising, ensure you inspire confidence and preach the benefits of training while pregnant.

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