Understanding you and how you link to your business

You are the face of your business. The potential development of the business through both physical and non-physical assets is all decided by you. It’s important to ensure you hit your goals and continue to grow, as this ensures the world and your customers see you as highly positive organisation.

You may wonder why we talk about you ‘the founder’ quite a lot compared to the overall business. This is because you are your business, it is your vision and creation therefore your mindset, quickly changes how the business runs.

It’s easy to disconnect your business from you due to the size or values of the business as you begin to stray away from those. This is either because you’ve developed and changed in which you need to change your business values accordingly, or you were never 100% sure about them in the first place.

To ensure you and your business are truly one, you need to ask yourself several discovery questions. These are created in order to help you discover, or rediscover what truly matters to you. When you’re planning and creating every small aspect matters enormously in the grand scale. This is because they all drive you and your business forward! Every single decision you make provides the opportunity to grow your business, however by getting them wrong, it could potentially have a negative spin on you and your business.

No matter what business you own, all founders and Managing Directors will have asked themselves discovery questions at multiple points along their career.

Here are a few examples for you:

– What do you want your working life to look like?

– What do you want your income to look like?

– What do you want your family life to look like?


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