Have you tried to stop drinking alcohol for two weeks?

Have you ever just sat and wondered what alcohol does to your body or how it impacts those gains you so desperately want? Giving up booze for a few weeks can be a challenge to many, but if done correctly you can reap the benefits.

If you can manage just a few weeks without sleep, here’s what you can expect:

Better Sleep

According to a study, drinking alcohol before bed increase alpha brain waves. Now although you may fall asleep easier while drinking, these brain waves are most at use while you’re awake. So, effectively although your asleep the quality of the sleep isn’t very good at all. By avoiding alcohol for a short time, your concentration and performance will increase because your sleep has a better quality.

Weight Loss

A study recently found after drinking you eat around 30% more food than you usually would, because after a night out everyone always craves that Dominos. Drinking can actually take up a hefty amount of your daily calories, the average pint having 180 calories, 2 or 3 of them a night equaling 500 calories isn’t going to help your body like a 500 calorie meal would.

Better Skin Quality

A few days off the booze will allow your skin to hydrate. This is because drinking more makes you urinate more, and of course when you’re out on the lash you’re not thinking about how hydrated your skin is. Stopping drinking allows your skin to re-hydrate and absorb the water again.

Better Financial State

Work out just how you spend over an average week on boozing, times it by 4 and get the monthly outcome out of your wage. Is it really worth it? Use this as a massive bonus and motivator to try stay dry for a few weeks, its a change which you will see immediately.

Lowered Mood

Staying off alcohol isn’t all good news. Although you may feel better in yourself physically, by not drinking you may perceive that you’re missing out on events with friends. This can lead you to feel irritable and abit down. However, if you keep exercising and focus yourself on achieving something else rather than drinking this should keep your mood up!

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