Top tips to save you and your business time

As a business owner, time is one of the most valuable aspects. It can single handedly destroy your business if you cannot dedicate enough time to the right areas each week. The path to being time savvy isn’t enjoyable or pretty, but once you’ve become time savvy you will take your business to the next level.

So what are our top tips to become time savvy?

1 РCommunication 

A quick phone call here or there may see easy, however let’s say you have 10 6 minute calls over a day. That’s one hour you’ve lost out a day where you’re probably already scrapping for time. The chances are your clients are contacting you because they don’t understand something or are confused, therefore you need to ensure all your clients and visitors understand all they can looking at your social medias or/and website alone. It may take time to create the content, however once it’s done it’s there for all to see!

2 – Your new clients

So you’re in a new gym, you’ve got people contacting you wanting to ask you questions about your service style and why they should join you. You get 5 clients contact you this week, with each client you spend a total of 30 minutes emailing, texting, calling – that’s two and a half hours this week gone, that’s 130 hours over a year. What’s a great way around this? Create yourself a welcome pack! Or download our editable Welcome Pack off our Members Portal! This will ensure your clients have a good understanding of you and if they ask you any questions after receiving this pack, it means they’re serious.

3 – Your calendar

You’ve got 15 clients, how do you stay on top of all of them in terms of booking sessions? Many PT’s still use WhatsApp and then go on to add it to their diary, seems simple? Yes, it’s very simple, however it’s not efficient. Especially once clients start wanting to change their sessions, or cancel. You need to employ a booking system to become efficient. A great app at the minute is called Booksy!

4 – The Payment

It’s completely up to you how you get your clients to pay you whether it be per sessions, weekly or monthly. Taking payments off your client can often delay the session, or delay your next session therefore you need to be efficient. Why not look at employing an online payment plan? If you check over our Member’s Portal in the Extra Module section we have a video on creating online payment plans using GoCardless.

There’s a wide choice of systems available on the market to make any business more efficient. You need to do your research and understand just how much money you may pay for these systems, compared to how much it may return.



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