Top tips to grow your online community

In recent years social media has become a forefront page of most organisations. Customer’s now rely on the companies social media platforms more than they do their actual webpages for information and to be kept up to date. So, how can you take advantage of this and grown your online reputable brand?

Create content.

Content is king! You need to create engaging content for your audience while ensuring it stays realistic and relatable! This content can be through blogs, videos and pictures to name a few!

Always reply back to your audience.

What do you expect if you don’t reply? You need to stay engaged at all times! Essentially social media never sleeps, you can have people commenting and messaging you at all stages of the day whether it’s 3am in the morning or 10pm at night, we all work on different schedules and you need to be prepared to never switch off online.

Network with others in your industry.

Instead of making enemies with that PT in the same gym as you, why not collaborate? Chances are that you both can provide in depth knowledge about different aspects which you are both passionate about. By combining this knowledge you could create content training videos to help one another out.

Organise challenges.

Nothing gets people fired up quite like the idea of competition! Try organising challenges in which all of your clients could attempt from which they could win free sessions from yourself! You could create a summer shred, whereby the individual which loses the most about of body fat % can win freebies! This will motivate all clients and creates a sense of community.

Link your socials to websites/ vlogs & blogs.

If you create a piece of content and want to link it back to a piece of content created by another webpage or influencing vlogger! Let them know that you’re doing so and see if they will promote you also!

Include polls and contest

Your audience will love the fact that you’re asking for their opinion on aspects! This could also be used as challenges for yourself as you could let your audience decide what challenges you complete!

Highlight clients who have performed well!

Your clients will love getting a shout out if they’ve been performing well! In the long run they will share the post which then will increase the reach and so on, think of it as free advertisement that shows what you can do!

Give it a go and let us know how you get on!


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