Top tips for the best Personal Training Website!

An Article written by Insure4Sport indicated that currently in the UK there are over 13,000 Personal Trainers operating currently, with that number set to continue rising, you need a way to ensure you are at the forefront of the clients mind and you stand out. Here are a few tips to ensure your website is in perfect condition.

Make the website about your clients not you!

Rather than having a photo of yourself on there, trade it for one of your clients and the journey they’ve come on since training with you. Potential clients would much rather see how you transform individuals than look at how big your bicep peak is. You also need to ensure you posses a range of clients on there so almost everyone who looks could relate to one of your clients, because there’s no way a young female may be inspired about how you helped a 50 year old man lose his beer belly.

Keep the design simple and concise!

Don’t stupid with the design of your webpage, make it easy to understand and use for everyone. You need to ensure the ratio of text to images is just right. As potential clients want to see the transformations however to rank highly on Google you need to ensure there is enough high quality text.

Have a blog!

Just like the one your reading! The blog can be about anything at all related to your business, your fitness career and that of your clients too! Make them interesting and ensure you write a few a week in order to remain high ranking.

Have a bio!

Ensure you have a bio on your webpage about you, your achievements and what you specialise in! Most importantly, share your story and struggles with training and how you’ve overcome them yourself!

Have a call to action (CTA)!

A call to action can take webpage visitors to another page or encourage them to leave their details for you to contact them with more information.

Ultimately, a strong webpage is vital as its a place you can refer clients and potential clients back to rather than just a Social Media account.




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