Top 5 Mr. Olympia 2017 predictions

Its nearly that time of year again when the biggest competition in Bodybuilding takes to the stage.


This is the main event, the competition that everyone in the bodybuilding world has dreamt of winning all their lives, but of course there can only be one winner!

Only a very select few will ever get the chance of be in with a shot of winning the Olympia as it takes years of self motivation, dedication, focus self sacrifice.

It looks very unlikely that anybody is going to beat Phil Heath who has won it for the last 6 years in a row. Maybe Kai Green could of come close would he still be involved but it would be unlikely for him to beat ‘The Gift’ Phil Heath.

He looks too good and noticeably different to his competitors but here our our top 5 Mr. Olympia which would have included Dallas McCarver was it not for the sad news of his passing recently.

Top 5

Phil Heath – Still the favorite to win the competition for the 7th year in a row and looks to be the king of the stage again.

There are some hungry young up and coming bodybuilders coming through the ranks so it might not be as easy as we say plus Cedric is looking great this year. He wont have it easy up there on the stage but we still should expect another year for ‘The Gift’.

Dexter Jackson – Won the Olympia back in 2008 he just keeps going and going. Dexter is looking fantastic and has bags of experience at the age of 47. He probably looks better now that he did 10 years ago and knows what its like to taste success so he is defiantly one to one watch.

Roelly Winklaar – Came 6 last year and it looks like that has given him all the motivation he needs to keep going and aim higher than he did last year. He has been criticized for loosing muscle mass last year when he has been dieting for competitions. He looks focused and motivated however and we feel he’s going to be up there.

Mamdouh Elssbiay – A monster of a man, ‘Big Ramy’ is absolutely huge and is known as the biggest competitive bodybuilder to live. He does have some weak spots though which he needs to work on if he is looking to challenge this year and do better than his 4th place last year. One to watch if he can do a bit more work on his back and calves. One to watch for the future definitely but we think he will have to wait until Phil Heath retires.

Cedric McMillan – The winner of the Arnold Classic has to be one of the favorites and as we said before he is looking fantastic this year and will probably be the closest to Phil Heath to win it. We would expect him to finish as the runner up. His arms are insanely big and he is probably the most aesthetic competitors.

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