Tips for surviving your first year as a fitness professional

So, you’ve just received your certificate and you’re raring to get out into the open world and change lives, but then it’s not all you expected! It’s not clients flocking and bathing in bank notes like you expected, so how do you survive your first year?

Firstly, you need to adapt your mindset! Unless you’re employed by a gym that’s assigning you clients, you’re in charge! It’s up to you to as you are now a business owner, it’s your decisions to make! At first these decisions will be hard as you will be unaware about loads of aspects, however you shall gradually pick it up and get better over time so trust yourself!

To help you succeed you should create a plan, it might seem a chore to begin with as you have to get all your thoughts and plans on to paper, however once you’ve done it thats it! That’s your plan to follow throughout your business life, until you decide to change or your long term goal changes. Don’t go too in depth but create a loose plan as your whole plan could change within the hour of you creating it.

Make sure you’re doing your numbers. Money is the language of business, no matter how proud you are of your developments, you shall always get judged by the profit you have earned over the year. You need to ensure you’re making enough revenue to cover your costs and taxes that occur over the financial year.

Begin to build a structure, are you looking at mainly 1-1 sessions, small groups or even classes as a main way of creating your revenue? You always need to ensure you are flexible however if you set a framework out for all clients they will begin to understand you and maybe adapt to get the best out of their training.

Finally, you must plan for growth! Although you’re new to the industry, you’re always growing through marketing, word of mouth and your ability! You may want to plan long term as if you are fully booked, working hours everyday and you’re struggling. Have you planned for taking on another PT to work alongside you? Planning for growth and development is the best aspect for financial freedom and happiness!

Follow these easy steps to ensure you make it past your first 12 months as a fitness professional!



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