The Lionesses have captured a nation

No matter what your opinion on Women’s football is , there’s no denying that the English Women’s senior team have captured the hearts of the Nation. Their ‘never say die attitude’ and respect have inspired millions and excited everyone.

Now this is a bit of a different blog for us to write as there’s no nutrition, A&P, or general knowledge being shared. We simply want to highlight how impressive the lionesses have been and how much they’ve progressed in recent years!

Sadly, the Women’s National Team were knocked out of the World Cup in the Semi-Finals this past week. Although they won’t be bringing home first place medals, they are definitely bringing home pride, determination and grit. They symbolise the whole English Nation!

So how far have the English Lionesses come in such a short period of time? If you think back 30-40 years, women playing sport was frowned upon! There was no Women’s Super League to say the least. Flash forward to 2019, the Lionesses played their part in being 6000 tickets away from a sell-out crowd in a World Cup Semi-Final. If that’s not progress then, well!

After every major event, the big question is always – How successful has the world cup been for England? Well, on their way to the Semi-Final they scored 11 goals, conceded just 1 which equaled over 380 minutes of playing without conceding! It’s also vital to mention they took the current World Cup Champions, the USA all the way and only marginally lost out after a VAR decision and a missed penalty.

Ultimately, we see this World Cup as a huge success. Although we may not be into a Final, they have inspired millions of females throughout England and potentially the world to begin playing or keep playing! With this drastic support, the Women’s game is only going to keep developing and progressing! There is talks of the Premier League taking over the Women’s Super League, which will hopefully help for investment and sponsorship!

Team Velocity are proud of just how far the Women’s game has come on, as we have been gripped from start to finish. We’d like to thank the Lionesses and all they’ve done for this country and the wonderful game of football.

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