The benefits of CPD to a Personal Trainer

CPD or Continuous Professional Development is an aspect of working everyone completes in order to improve their ability. It allows you to keep up with industry changes, and potentially specialise in certain areas of knowledge.

The more you know about your job, the more satisfaction you will get from implementing it into your clients training. Ultimately, the more you know and improve the higher your prices can go too!

There are multiple benefits to completing CPD including –

  • It ensures your capability to keep up with the industry standard
  • It ensures you maintain and enhance your knowledge of all aspects of training
  • The pace of the industry in terms of trends has never been so rapid! Trends are sticking for a few years or even months so it’s up to you to stay on top!
  • It ensures a meaningful contribution to the team! It’s vital all members of the team complete CPD as it shows a high level of professionalism
  • Learning is interesting! New aspects which you learn can be passed on to other clients or team members which keep you interesting!
  • Ultimately, if you learn something which no one else in your team knows, you become an invaluable teacher!

So ensure you keep a CPD spreadsheet! This will allow you to input what the qualification or experience was, what this allowed you to learn, how long it took you to complete and how you are able to input it into your job! It doesn’t have to be something which you show your clients, but it’s nice for yourself to remind you why you’re continuously progressing and developing professionally.

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