The 10 benefits of being a fitness professional!

There are multiple benefits to you becoming a fitness professional, many of them you probably hear whenever you speak to a Personal Trainer or Sports Massage Therapist. However, many of them you probably will have never thought about. Check out our list below for the amazing benefits –

1 – Progressive & driven career! You never know everything, there is always new research and methods which you need to stay up to date with.

2 – Improved work-life balance! You choose when you work and when you don’t, allowing you a free schedule to spend quality time with family and friends.

3 – Utilise your knowledge in life! The chances are, that if you’re joining the industry your already interested in fitness! So why not utilise your session and nutrition planning to advance your own training?

4 – Everyday is different! It really is, you will never plan the same session for clients daily! Each client has their own needs and goals, therefore your always thinking and progressing!

5 – You’re changing lives! Possibly the greatest feel good factor in the world! You’re helping all of your clients to achieve more and feel better everyday from which the reward in seeing them develop and grow is unparalleled.

6 – No more suit and tie! Can you imagine wearing a three piece to train clients?

7 – You are your own boss! Probably the greatest benefit! Yes with being your own boss comes a whole load of responsibility, however that just means the reward is even greater too!

8 – You choose your hours! Much like your work-life balance choosing your hours to work is essential. Are you a morning person? Amazing, work those early hours. Are you a night person? Perfect, work those late night shifts!

9 – Not labouring or screen intensive! You’re not sat at a screen for 8 hours a day, nor are you labouring on a site in the cold! It’s a freely moveable job which keeps you fit too.

10 – People always need your help! People will always require trainers and massages everyday to help them achieve their goals! This isn’t just a job, it’s a career!

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