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Velocity weekly workout – bodyweight challenge

Each week Velocity PT Academy releases a workout challenge that will test your body to really see how fit and overall athletic you are! These challenges are split up into 2 different levels as not everyone is at the same fitness level. And these are intermediate and advanced! Each week you can challenge yourself to this prewritten workout that will attack your body and take it to places it may have never been before. But remember! If you want the full benefit out of these challenges you need to be putting in 100% maximum effort! So if your workouts are getting boring then why not mix it up a little with these challenges. Or if you are looking to lose weight and get in overall good athletic conditioning then try a few different variations of these workouts a week.

This week’s challenge is called the Bodyweight Challenge. This challenge does not require any equipment and is going to be an intense and sweaty workout. The main aspect of this workout is to see if you are fit and athletic enough to deal with your own bodyweight. This workout just proves that you do not need any fancy equipment to lose weight and get conditioned! Read More