Rich Piana (26/09/1971 – 25/09/2017)

From some strong personal sources, it seems that Rich Piana has sadly passed away today (25/09/2017).

Rich Piana was a juggernaut within the fitness industry who came to fame with his Youtube videos and his social media pages. With his strong following, he had branched out, and in 2014 he created his own supplement brand called 5% Nutrition.

It almost seemed however with Rich Piana’s fame and fortune, with every fan he gained, he had another ‘hater’. This however seemed to only grow his popularity within the fitness industry has he became a ‘marmite’ figure. You either loved him, or you hated him.

Either way, there is no denying his popularity and larger than life personality has been a leading factor to the growth of the fitness industry.

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