Do push-ups help you live longer?

The push-up, a staple movement of any workout to really fatigue the pecs, deltoids, traps and core. A recent study published in JAMA Open Network says that smashing out a load of push-ups each day may prevent heart problems.

A study by Yang et al. (2019) observed 1104 occupationally active men, in this case firefighters who regularly participate in fitness tests, including a time press-up test. The results showed that those who could smash out an impressive 40 or more pushups, were 96% less likely to develop any heart implications than those who could do 10 or less.

This is an alarming statistic we know, however the test does fail to point out several aspects. Firstly, even being able to complete 11 push-ups results in a decreased percentage in having any heart problems. We are literally talking about people who can’t even do 10 push-ups.

Secondly, it’s important to mention this study was conducted mainly on white males, essentially meaning the findings cannot be applied to non-white males and females. Thirdly, the study was also observational which means that cracking out a tonne of press-ups will not guarantee you a healthy heart.

Dr. Christopher Kelly, a cardiologist at Columbia University, who isn’t associated with the study did mention that for those guys, who don’t know their blood pressure or cholesterol numbers it may be worth trying, to smash out a few push-ups just to get some guidance. He does advise that if you can’t, it might be worth booking a doctors trip just to be checked over!

It’s also important to mention that the study could have been done using various other exercises, such as squats or jumping jacks. There’s nothing magical or amazing about push ups, there’s plenty of healthy guys who can run for miles yet they can’t complete 10 push ups as it incorporates body strength too!

The best way in which you can want to keep your body healthy is to do regular exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet and see your local doctors if you feel any irregularities!

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