Purchasing your own Personal Trainer uniform

So, you’ve got your own Personal Training Business, do you need a uniform? Of course you do!

By having your own business as a PT, you may call multiple locations your ‘office’. You could find yourself in gyms, sports halls and community centres. This is where your uniform separates you from from the crowd and the competition. You are a constant walking advert for your business, even in if you happen to be walking to the shop for lunch! People will see you and your brand so you need to be advertising at all times!

Gym apparel is a perfect place to start, even by just buying yourself a plain Nike or Adidas t shirt for example and getting your logo printed on it is a great start. From this you can expand your range to more categories of clothing and potentially even begin selling t shirts with your brand on it to clients!

So, although buying a t shirt and getting it printed may be a quick and easy start, you need to plan long term. With this in mind it’s important to find a reliable supplier chain, who can assist both you and your business. Your uniform needs to be of high quality, reliable when completing physical activity and ensure you still look smart in business development opportunities.

What’s next? Well, you think you’ve found the best supplier however have you asked if there’s a discount for bulk orders? What’s their turn around time? Have they got history of supplying Personal Trainers? What does their feedback look like? All questions you must be asking as you don’t want to be taking a financial risk. However, ensure you only place a small order to begin with, this enables you to test out the clothing daily without taking a financial hit.

Finally, personalisation is a great aspect to add to your garments. This adds the final touch of professionalism. Personalisation can include: your logo, your name, initials, details, events and numbers. It is crucial that any personalisation added is inline with your branding and fits in line with your organisation objectives and targets.



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