PPC advertising for Personal Trainers

You want to take on new clients. So you look at different marketing techniques because you have exhausted the gym floor option, or the face-to-face gym floor marketing is not your cup of tea. Why not have a look at online marketing. And at that PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing.


Pay per click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC) is a type of paid advertising. So when you usually Google search something, you would find that the top 3 to 4 listings are now adverts. In a PPC model, the advertiser pays the site that hosts the ad space only if a user clicks on its ads and goes through to the destination page. An example can be found below.

PPC advertising is a useful, effective tool when used properly. But here is a warning; it is very easy to waste away money when you don’t know what you’re doing. So before playing with PPC advertising be sure to do your research first, or even better look to outsource your PPC adverts to a professional.

To set up a basic PPC campaign we have come up with some very basic steps below:

1: Choose a search engine and create a PPC account
Each major search engine has their own different ways and methods of setting up an account and utilising them. Be sure to choose one that you’re happy with.

2: Create campaigns and ad groups around the product or service you are wanting to advertise
A campaign is where you set many of your options, such as a budget and geography. Ad groups are tightly targeted groups that make up the campaign and that house your ads and keyword lists.

3: Determine a list of keywords
Keywords are words and phrases that describe, or are features of, the products or services to be advertised. For example “Personal Training”, “Circuit class”.

4: From the list of keywords, create ads that use those keywords to better explain to potential customers what benefits, features are available.
This is so when a user searches for example’ “Home visit Personal Trainers” then the search engine will bring up any advertising campaigns that match the search term. It would depend on how well the search terms and the keywords match up for your results to show.

I would like to stress that this is just a basic guide to PPC advertising and we have just simply scratched the surface. There are still a number of variables that depend on your ads been shown, however if we were to write a 15 page blog then I’m sure you wouldn’t carry on reading.

PPC advertising with search engines are best paired with websites. So why not enquire about our low cost personal training websites that we offer! Contact us on 01132 866453.

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