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Paying tax as a Personal trainer, and our top tips to help you!

As the saying goes, ‘but in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except for death and taxes’. So as a Personal Trainer, what should you be paying?

To begin with, we’ll understand what’s the best to get you ready for your taxes.

The first aspect we cannot stress enough is make sure you regularly stay on top of your books and bank account with what you’re paying! We’ve seen first hand the ‘tax anxiety’, which is where individuals leave their whole tax returns for the year to be sorted out the week before. This is the worst possible thing you could do! Be warned, you must always tell the truth! The Government can carry out generic tax exceptions on companies and will even begin checking over your social media to see what assets you have. Read More

Top tips for the best Personal Training Website!

An Article written by Insure4Sport indicated that currently in the UK there are over 13,000 Personal Trainers operating currently, with that number set to continue rising, you need a way to ensure you are at the forefront of the clients mind and you stand out. Here are a few tips to ensure your website is in perfect condition.

Make the website about your clients not you!

Rather than having a photo of yourself on there, trade it for one of your clients and the journey they’ve come on since training with you. Potential clients would much rather see how you transform individuals than look at how big your bicep peak is. You also need to ensure you posses a range of clients on there so almost everyone who looks could relate to one of your clients, because there’s no way a young female may be inspired about how you helped a 50 year old man lose his beer belly. Read More

Purchasing your own Personal Trainer uniform

So, you’ve got your own Personal Training Business, do you need a uniform? Of course you do!

By having your own business as a PT, you may call multiple locations your ‘office’. You could find yourself in gyms, sports halls and community centres. This is where your uniform separates you from from the crowd and the competition. You are a constant walking advert for your business, even in if you happen to be walking to the shop for lunch! People will see you and your brand so you need to be advertising at all times! Read More

Understanding you and how you link to your business

You are the face of your business. The potential development of the business through both physical and non-physical assets is all decided by you. It’s important to ensure you hit your goals and continue to grow, as this ensures the world and your customers see you as highly positive organisation.

You may wonder why we talk about you ‘the founder’ quite a lot compared to the overall business. This is because you are your business, it is your vision and creation therefore your mindset, quickly changes how the business runs. Read More

Do you have the traits of success?

In your old job, you probably had someone who did the marketing, someone who did the selling and then you. Now you’re running your own Personal Training business, it’s all on you! It’s believed they’re are 8 traits which determine your success.

1 – Midset

Might sound cliché however it’s true and your mindset is not to be under estimated what so ever. Your mindset changes based on your knowledge and experience, therefore the more you do and learn the more you change. It has been said that failure is best for your mindset, as it allowed you to understand what and why, and then have another go. Read More

The online training business model

Your online training business model is a plan you will implement to ensure you generate revenue and profit over a sustainable period of time.

So, what is the major downfall of most online coaches? They provide exercise and nutrition programmes to individuals. Now though this might sound great, and like it is the right thing to do, it is essentially your face to face business model rather than your online model. Why would you offer a bespoke training plan online for less than you would in person? Read More

Your business, your vision.

Your business vision is crucial, where do you see yourself in 5,10,20 years? What’s the ultimate aim and goal? When shall you come home from work one day and think to yourself, that’s it i’ve done it?

By having a clear understanding of your business your desires can be translated into organisation goals over a short, medium and long term period. These goals will be used as signposts to how your business is developing and allow you to see areas which require further investment. Read More

You are a business owner!

Once you become a Personal Trainer or Sports Massage Therapist, you have to get in the mindset that that’s not all. You are in fact a business owner, a manager, an entrepreneur!

Now, you’re probably thinking thats quite cool, however the simple mindset change could provide such a drastic change in your success. You have to change the position you look at the business in order to understand all aspects! Read More

More than a course.

If you’ve checked over any of our social media’s this week you will have seen that we have posted the phrase ‘more than a course’ just about everywhere possible, from headers to single images. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain to you what we mean by this and how it will affect your life!

The story of ‘More than a course’ came about through our Managing Director, Ben Newbould who believes individuals don’t get given enough assistance. If we can’t prepare you successfully for a fitness orientated lifestyle and be that main point of contact which you can refer back to, as an organisation and educational provider we have failed you.

Why are we doing this?

We want to be a brand which is a household name, we want to ensure our students aren’t just buying a course, they’re buying into a family, a community and a name within the fitness industry that turns heads! Read More

What’s the most reliable source for getting the best supplements?

Buying supplements nowadays is one of the hardest choices any gym go-er has, with every company stating their product is the best on the market, how can you quickly and efficient scan every product to find the best? Well, is your answer! provides free nutritional and supplement information based on science, with no bias arguments about who’s is best.

Founded in early 2011, they set out to analyse the full body of evidence to help you make healthy choices. addresses nutritional problems by creating a systematic and objective database. Essentially, they don’t set out to examine a certain topic themselves, instead they report on the information which is already within the public domain. For example, they don’t create an objective such as being anti-supplement and find as many reasons why to support them, instead they find an article which may state about being anti-supplement and they pull it apart and analyse the pros and cons. As an educational organisation, they are seperate from any supplement or food company, and they ensure all their employees are not affiliates of these either. Read More