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Fitness gadgets to give your 2019 a head start!

A new year, a new me. With the help of some new gadgets in an attempt to stick on track with those resolutions (Oops – Spend that Christmas money wisely!).

January, the year of the new you. This usually means setting resolutions to hit the gym 5 times a week, train abs 4 times a week, do cardio 3 times a week, complete a marathon and ride around the UK on your new cycle. Sounds do-able, just. Surely treating yourself to some new gear and equipment will only increase those motivation levels even more, and well, if you can’t track it, did you really do it? Read More

Mental Health Awareness – What can you do to help?

So you may be thinking, how else can I help those with a mental health issue? Well, the best way you can get involved is through an active challenge!

By taking on an active challenge with the help of Mind, you can ensure no-one ever has to face a mental health problem alone again! Joining Mind’s team against mental health is one of the best decisions you can make in 2019. Read More

What is Blue Monday and why is it the worst day of the year?

‘Blue Monday’ is on the 21st January, and it is referred to as the most depressing day of the year! In a battle against mental health, Mind are proposing everyone wears bright colours to get rid of this stigma!

1 in 4 people experience mental health issues at some point in their lives. Leeds Mind promotes mental health and well being, by providing those who need is valuable support. Mind aim to support individuals into using their own resources to aid their own recovery of poor mental health in ways which inspire and allow them to pass on the mental health promotion and give support to other in need. Read More

BodyPower Experience 2019!

It’s almost that time again for the world’s largest fitness expo in Birmingham, BodyPower 2019!

This year BodyPower has undergone significant innovation and creative design as the whole layout has been altered. Nick Orton the CEO of Bodypower is now referring to the event as an ‘experience’ rather than expo as he believes these changes, will create memories to last a lifetime.  For the first time in Bodypower’s history they have also set up an area focusing on health, where you can talk to professionals and ask them an unlimited amount of health questions. This area has been set up to focus on diabetes, physio tests, sexual health and importantly mental health. Read More

Business Skills – The Marketing Mix

The fitness industry is an extremely compact and competitive industry, which is often trend based as consumers are looking for the best stylised equipment and different exercise modalities. Ultimately the fitness industry can be a brutal industry if you’re not prepared. So, you need to take you and your brand seriously and look to always be broadening your knowledge as trends come ‘in’ and ‘out’ ever so quickly, which could be a downfall if you’re not prepared!

In order to plan and develop your brand you need to create a marketing mix! This comes in the format of ‘The 4 Ps’ – Price, place, promotion and product!

1 – Price

Setting the right price is crucial, many people believe setting a low price is vital to ensuring purchases, however this isn’t fully true. Setting a price too low could result in you losing out from making a profit, and having a dangerously low price often creates a problem with trust. If you are under pricing a product it can create a perception of it not being that good or reliable. Read More

Business Skills – Your Own Brand

Have a look around your environment right now, what can you see? Nike Training Shoes? An Adidas shirt? Apple Iphone? Lucozade Sports drink? Branding is an identifiable sign of any tangible object, generally made up of the name, design, style, pattern, colours and symbols which distinguish it from its competitors.

Branding is an essential part of any product or business as it gives a recognisable feature, branding can benefit the business in multiple ways;

-Signposts your product/service – The fitness industry is packed with brands, you need to signpost your product and briefly show how its better than your competitors Read More

Mental Health Awareness – Bereavement

Bereavement is something which is likely to occur to us all in our lifetime. The sense of loss felt because of the death of a loved one can also be referred to as grief.

Bereavement can have a negative impact on our mental health. People respond in many different ways to death and losing a loved one, and because of this there are multiple symptoms which people can experience including; shock, numbness, overwhelming sadness, despair, guilt and anger. Read More

Mental Health Awareness – Self harm

Self-harm is when an individual injures, damages or hurts themselves intentionally as a way of dealing with difficult feelings and/or experiences. This is done in an attempt to block or distract themselves from feeling these emotions.

People may self-harm to punish, to feel normal, to be in control of their body after a trauma, or to feel better due to adrenaline rush it provides. The most common method of self-harm is using an a sharp object to cut the skin. Read More

Mental Health Awareness – Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a severe long-term mental health condition. It causes a range of different psychological symptoms.

Symptoms of schizophrenia- Hallucinations – hearing or seeing things that don’t exist– Delusions – unusual beliefs not based on reality

– Muddled thoughts – based on hallucinations or delusions

– Changes in behaviour – Some people think schizophrenia causes a “split personality” or violent behaviour. This is not true. Read More