New Year, New Struggle

Are you struggling to get motivated and back into the fitness swing this year? Here’s a few tips to inspire!

Start a new challenge! Everyone needs a goal or target, otherwise what are you working towards? We’re not saying you need a stupidly unrealistic goal but challenge yourself to something easier. This will motivate you to keep going and push you to keep achieving!

Break your workout up! Don’t go in there thinking you have X amount of sets to complete which will take x number of minutes. Break it up so you concentrate on the exercise you’re doing now, and then move on to the next one after.

Get a partner! Often just teaming up with someone in the gym can make a huge difference to your workout and motivation! You can push each other and make it fun!

Hire a PT! Hiring a PT will ensure you have constant motivation both in and out of the gym. They will plan your workouts, help you with meals and be there for you to motivate you

Plan! Sit down when you have some time, do research on training whether it’s reading books or watching YouTube and implement what you’re learning into your plan! My advice is to watch or read about Ross Edgley, he will transform the way you think!

Go easy don’t go home! It’s the New Year, you’ve probably not trained since before Christmas. Don’t feel as if you need to go hell for leather with your training. You’ve probably dropped in strength and endurance so take it steady instead of skipping training all together. That 20-minute bike ride will be so much more beneficial than just going home.

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