Do you need a first aid qualification to be a Personal Trainer?

It’s popular amongst fitness professionals to enquire whether they need a first aid qualification to work in a gym. So, we’ve decided we’d make it easier for you by writing a blog on the pros and cons of this qualification!

So, essentially you don’t need a first aid qualification to work within a gym environment. However, by law, every fitness facility has to have a minimum of one first aid trained individuals on site at all times. So, with this is mind becoming first aid trainer could significantly improve your employment prospects.

If you’re applying to work in a gym or another fitness facility, simply having the qualification could provide a huge automatic advantage over other candidates as the facility manager straight away understands you will be an asset with that qualification! Having this qualification also shows that you really do have a serious care about your clients and other gym go-ers!

Now, it’s unlikely that you may ever have to use your first aid knowledge. However, even with the most basic exercises your client could have an unexpected illness or injury due to the stress they are placing on their body. Therefore, holding a first aid qualification would ensure you have the correct knowledge and skills to deal with this, however it may also put your client’s mind at peace.

You also have to think about the repercussions of possessing a first aid qualification, not only are your clients going to feel safer, they are more likely to recommend you and pass you on to others!

So, what courses should you be looking to complete?

Emergency First Aid at Work – This is one of the most popular first aid qualifications within the UK. It provides knowledge on aspects from minor injuries to emergencies and is valid for three years.

– First Aid at Work – This focuses more specifically on bone, muscle and joint injuries. All of which you are more likely to come across being a fitness professional.

– Defibrillator Training Course –┬áThe main areas covered on this course are conscious and unconscious heart attacks, when to use a defibrillator and how to operate a defibrillator in different environments.

Once you’ve qualified in any of these, be sure to post it everywhere! Make sure everyone knows your fully first aid qualified!





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