Myth Busting: Mental Health Edition

With mental health issues, there comes a whole host of myths surrounding those with illnesses. What better way to teach people about these than with some myth busting 101?

Myth 1 – Hardly anyone has mental health issues.

Very much incorrect, it’s reported 1 in 4 of us experience some sort of mental health issue every year.

Myth 2 – You can’t help someone with mental health issues.

Potentially one of the worst myths about. Why can’t you help someone? There’s a multitude of organisations out there to help people with these issues in various ways depending on their issue. Never feel like there’s no way you can be helped.

Myth 3 – You can’t recover from mental health.

Again, very much wrong. Millions of people recover from mental health issues every year, don’t get us wrong some issues are harder to get over than others however there’s always help, and it will be there for as long as you need it.

Myth 4 – People with mental health issues are violent.

Where are people finding these myths? Only 1% of all violent crimes committed each year is due to an individual currently or previously having a mental health issue.

Myth 5 – Mental Health parents are due to bad parenting.

Incorrect once again, mental health problems can occur at any age in life and be a result of many experiences. It’s not right to assume that it’s the parent’s fault due to a mental health issue.

Myth 6 – People with health issues choose when they have it.

Wrong. Many people suffer in silence and the majority of us will only see such issues at certain times or moments. Just because someone doesn’t appear to have an issue all the time, doesn’t mean it’s not there. There not switching it on and off, they’re dealing with it in silence, likely because they feel as if they can’t open up and their ashamed.

Myth 7 – Young adults don’t have mental health issues they just have up’s and down’s as their bodies grow and develop.

50% of all mental health issues actually occur before the individual is 15, and 75% before their 18. You may brush it off as an up and down, however talk to them and actually understand what they’re going through. A lot can happen during these ages as their mindsets will change and they receive a lot of new pressures and responsibilities.

Myth 8 – Mental health issues stop people from working.

Only in extreme circumstances may an issue prevent people from working, however these matters will have been talked about with a GP or mental health professional. Often these individuals are suffering in silence, they may be attending work, however are they happy? Is there role being fulfilled? Are they receiving fulfilment for doing their role? It’s a tough one to judge, no matter each person is different so we can’t presume everyone’s in the same boat.

So next time before you judge a myth, have a think about the truth behind it and do some research. Don’t believe everything you hear to be the 100% truth.

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