MiraFit equipment review!

Mirafit are a fitness equipment company committed to changing the fitness industry and the way we workout, they believe in high quality equipment at great prices in order to clear the mind and create a strong physique. They recently sent a mysterious parcel to Velocity HQ which we couldn’t wait to try out!

So, what did our mystery parcel consist of?

It’s fair to say we loved our gift from Mirafit! All three pieces of equipment which we received are extremely great quality and durable in everyday use! Not only do we incorporate them into our workouts, but as an exclusive training provider these pieces of equipment have been used with various groups of students in order to add more variations to workouts and client plans. This has led to many students asking about them and incorporating them into workouts to enhance difficulty or change the movement of a specific exercise.

We 110% recommend Mirafit for all fitness equipment needs! Whether you own your own gym, you’re a Personal Trainer on the road or you’re just looking to spice up your own home training! Their equipment is extremely high quality at a very affordable price – each product is carefully designed to the last detail, it doesn’t feel like they’ve just replicated any old design a hundred times over!

If you’re looking to enhance your training needs, be sure to check out their website https://www.mirafit.co.uk/and join the Mirafit revolution!

Keep your eyes on our channel to watch our workout using our Mirafit equipment!

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