Mental Health Issues – Addiction and abuse

It may come as a surprise to many people that addiction is actually a mental health issue, many of us suffer from addiction in daily life whether it be minor addiction to major addiction, potentially causing loss of life.

An addiction is referred to as an individual using, taking or doing something which could be seen as harmful. The most often addictions relate to substances. Substances refer to anything ingested to affect normal functioning, these may include highs or alter your senses. Some substances are legal however the majority of addictions are to illegal substances.

So, what are we becoming addicted to? Alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex, shopping, working, video games & drugs. We can classify drugs as an umbrella as there are multiple addictions which come under this term including: Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin & amphetamine-type stimulants.

We know that addiction refers to something taking a negative effect of life and health, however how does this look?

– Risk taking, or becoming reckless due to use of a substance

– Financial problems and a change in spending habits

– Relationship problems

– Not attending family, social or employment events

– Keeping secrets and being suspicious

– Extreme mood changes

– Poor sleep, hygiene and diet

– Spend a lot of time recovering from the substance after use

It’s not limited to this list; however, this list includes the main problems which are easy to see in many.

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