Velocity’s first ‘work experience boy’, the perfect title as he looks about 12. When Brandon’s not eating everything in sight or trying to wind up Graham – which he’s quite good at, he has a keen eye for visuals and marketing creativity with a focus on social media content.

What are your experiences and achievements?
• Currently studying for a BA Hons degree in Sports Business Management
• Previous work marketing at Leeds United FC

What is your specialist area?
My specialist area is marketing for Velocity, I love creating new ways to market and show off new aspects of Velocity, whether it be creating new campaigns or editing videos.

What is your ethos?
My ethos is to ensure everyone has the same chance as each other no matter what the situation. Everyone deserves it in order to become the best person they possibly can be! If everyone has the same opportunity, then it’s down to the individual to excel themselves!

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
That ‘it’s coming home’ – If you’re reading this after the World Cup and England didn’t win, you may laugh. However, at the time of writing this we thumped Panama 6-1 and I had world cup fever.

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