Let’s jump on a podcast

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so you’ll see that we’ve created our own podcast – VelocityRadio.

With our more than a course mantra, we want to offer students just that – more than a course. We don’t want you to just achieve your qualification and never hear off you again, we want to ensure we have a life-long connection. This is what you will have seen of you’ve accessed our Members Portal, we are offering you a whole armoury of extra modules, resources and discounts to ensure we are completely connected!

Within the Members Portal, you will have seen our podcast section. As you may know, this was our ‘baby’ last year. We began the year slow, but soon had guests from a variety of back grounds and leaders in their field to name drop a few Phil Learney, Dr Scott Stevenson & Ben Coomber.

We’ve began this year strong as you will have just seen episode #025 released where we talk about National Apprenticeship week. We’re determined to make this amazing year and keep producing amazing podcast content for our learners.

With that in mind, who would you want to see on one of our podcasts? Please get in contact with us however possible and name drop someone you’d love us to have on!

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