Insurance Requirements as a fitness professional

The risks of injury and illness are higher for fitness customers than in any other industry, therefore as a fitness professional you need to ensure you are covered at all costs.

Regular claims within the industry include

  • Injury due to negligence or poor advice
  • Psychological damage due to poor or ill advice
  • Lack of progress towards promised goals
  • Harassment
  • Sexual harassment

If you are employed by a fitness facility, it’s likely you will be covered by Public Liability Insurance. This covers professionals against negligence resulting in injury, illness or damage of personal property. It is important to check with your facility what insurance you have and what it covers against.

If you are self-employed there are multiple which you can buy yourself. It’s best to check the facility or location you are working within as to which cover may be best. The three insurances to look for are –

1 – Personal Liability Insurance – This covers you against injury or damage

2 – Professional Indemnity Insurance – This covers you against giving poor advice or not providing a high-quality service.

3 – Business Equipment Insurance – This covers you against any claims against the equipment you have used.

To protect yourself against insurance claims there are multiple thing you can do, which includes –

1 – Document everything! – Ensure you explain everything to the smallest detail and ensure your client understands all the appropriate risks. Following this ensure they give their consent to still train after everything you’ve explained. It’s important to document all sessions, while making sure you document all questions asked, any plan changes and anything else you may think will defend you if it’s needed.

2 – Build relationships! – Listening to your clients could be key in reducing claims against you. By listening you can understand what your client thinks of exercises, how they need help and what they want to achieve. If your client doesn’t like an exercise would you make them constantly do it? The better the rapport you have with your customers the less likely they are to claim against you.

3 – Be organised! – Keep all of your documents for each client organised that way you can revert back to them straight away if needs be!

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