How’s your website looking?

How many Personal Trainers are there in your gym? Standing out as a Personal Trainer is essential, and acting professional is extremely important. No one will sign up to you spontaneously, they will research your social medias and your website!

So how do you create a killer website?

Simple is effective

Do not fill your website with jargon, huge amounts of text and enough colours to become a B&Q colour chart. You need to find the right balance between text and visual images but remember to make it relative and ensure it gives off the right image to potential clients.

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It’s not about you

Sorry, but it’s not. Your website must show off you as a Personal Trainer, not you as ‘one of the lads on a weekend bender’ It’s about showing client problems, and how you’ve changed their life for the better! The best thing you can do is ensure you have a load of before and after photos, that was potential clients straight away see that you know what you’re doing! If you don’t have any before & after pictures, look to train family or friends!

Now it’s a little bit about you

Although you don’t want the whole website centred around you, a little bit is beneficial! Potential clients want to know about you, your history, your qualifications and other general aspects! This is where you need to introduce yourself in a way which clients may feel like they could relate to. If you’ve had your own struggles let them know. Also ensure that you let them know if you have any specialities in terms of training as they will know you’ve done further qualifications.

Have a call to action!

A call to action (CTA) is a must on any website! You need somewhere for potential clients to be able to leave their information as interest in your service. A call to action is essential, if a client can’t find a way to contact you then you’ve basically lost them. 9/10 potential clients will simply not chase you around, by leaving their details through a CTA they will expect you to get in contact with them.

A good PT has a good website! Your website should get a client on your side before they’ve even talked to you, the more you share and post the more reason you are giving someone to sign up with you!

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