How to provide excellent Customer Service.

Customer service in the fitness industry is often overlooked. It is one of the most important aspects of any gym floor to ensure that rapport between potential clients and Personal Trainers if you’re looking to provide your service.

Customers have a wide variety of needs whether it be around workouts, nutrition or equipment. You at the point have the opportunity to meet their needs with your reply or exceed their needs! Instead of just telling them exercises on how to train their chest, why not show them a few exercises? This build rapport and proves to them you know what you’re talking about.

So, before you meet or exceed, do you know the possible benefits of exceeding their needs? Firstly, it inspires loyalty – they may only ask you questions as they are loyal to your services and knowledge, this will inspire them to maybe take your service for a few weeks. It will mean fewer complaints and more issues are resolved to the customers satisfaction – these complaints don’t have to be directed towards you but by exceeding customers’ needs they are less likely to complain. There are a whole host of other benefits including –

  • Increased sales and profit
  • More frequent sales
  • Less money spent on advertising as your clients are doing it for you
  • Positive reputation
  • Improved employee morale

The key to ensuring all gym go-ers have a positive experience is building rapport and achieving that customer-friendly attitude! This can be make or break as this could put a customer off coming to your gym or even attending a gym ever again!

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