How to earn more money as a fitness professional?

According to recent studies, the average Personal Trainer earns around £20,000 in the UK and around $31,000 in the USA, not a bad wage for a job you love which gives you maximum satisfaction. However, we all want to earn that bit extra, so how can you do it?

1 – Continue your education

Expanding your knowledge is essentially a never ending aspect of life. Whether you’re completing extra education through a university degree or registered online qualifications you are essentially increasing your accreditation in the fitness industry. This allows you to increase your pricing as you area able to then scope over any competition.

2 – Specialisation 

Point one leads onto point two nicely, as you’re increasing your education you may want to become a specialist in a certain area of fitness. Although you may be partly decreasing your scope for clients as your a specialist in a certain area and obviously your specialising may not be for everyone, you are in fact able to increase your price for the same reason, as you are now a specialist.

3 – Simply raise your prices

You may actually be under charging for your service. You have to charge a price which you believe is fair for your knowledge and level of service, along with the facility which you are training your client in. Remember when raising your prices, you can’t just do it in a spur of the moment, you need to give your current clients time to understand that the increase is going to happen. Often you could look at giving your clients a discount if they stick with you, and then new clients receive the higher price bracket.

4 – What else can you offer?

Again, this links to point one. So, you’re a fully qualified Personal Trainer already charging your clients around £30 an hour, what else can you offer them to potentially increase that price? Well you could qualify in other areas of fitness, for example we have loads of Personal Trainers who become Sports Massage Therapists or Therapists who become PTs! That way they can train their client, and if they moan of any niggles their own Personal Trainer who they already trust could Massage them.

5 – Educate others

After you’ve graduated into the industry, why not teach? You already have the knowledge, all you need to do is get your teaching qualification and ensure you build on your knowledge so you’re constantly teaching others the latest information. Plus, you don’t even have to quit your job as a PT you can do both!

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