How often do you nap?

According to new research, napping may actually have more health benefits than you think! A perfect excuse to cancel those day plans and crawl back into bed for an hour or so.

A recent study conducted in Greece shows that having regular one-hour naps daily can actually decrease your blood pressure, which essentially lowers your chances of having a heart attack.

During the investigation 212 participants wore blood pressure monitors, from which those who took the opportunity to snooze each day had a much lower blood pressure at the end of the day compared to those who missed the opportunity not to rest their eyes.

The drop in in blood pressure was around 3-5mm Hg, which is around the same amount as reducing your salt or alcohol intake too! Too often, we discuss the benefits of not drinking or having a decreased salt intake, however how many of us actually record the hours we’ve slept? Therefore, an hour or two during the day could potentially change your life!

In our opinion this is a study which you should seriously send to your boss! An hour off here or there to have 40 winks won’t hurt will it?

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