How do you know which gym is for you?

With the New Year comes new fitness goals and aspirations, so if you haven’t already joined a gym yet here’s a quick guide on how to analyse which gyms best for you!

Don’t forget to analyse your local gym before going elsewhere! They may be smaller in size; however, they may have different benefits compared to other commercial gyms.

Step 1 – The products available

Analyse the products available in the gyms! What sort of equipment do they have and how much of it? Do they offer classes and how often? Does the gym have multiple rooms so you can spread out and complete different exercises elsewhere? How many Personal Trainers do they have and how skilled are they?

Essentially you need to discover the main products which they offer, this will be very similar to most gyms such as a health screening, fitness testing and support. The main difference will be specialist products, this is essentially individuals which can specialise in set areas which may benefit your experience even more such as on-site barbers, restaurant facilities and massage services

Step 2 – Membership

Membership can often be the sticking point with certain gyms, so you have to make sure you’re getting the best service for the best price! There are a great amount of membership options available, these include:

– Annual membership – 12 months membership, meaning you are contracted to pay for 12 months use of the facility. This is either paid monthly or in full.

– Pay as you go – A great one if you can’t ensure commitment as you pay on the day to use set facilities.

– Off peak membership – Customers can only use the facilities during the quieter periods of the day, usually between 10-3.

– Family membership – Facilities provide clubs for kids which can be utilised whilst you train.

– Corporate membership – Some gyms may offer you the chance to pay a cheaper membership if you work in the same building or the same area.

– Membership & additional services – Some gyms may offer a ‘platinum’ service, essentially within your monthly payments which are a bit higher you are entitled to x amount of PT sessions or access to more facilities within the gym.

Step 3 – The journey

Your journey will be vitally important in deciding which gym you sign up for, therefore a simple and beneficial journey may look something like this.

You get in contact with the gym asking to come for a look round so you can assess the facility, equipment and staff. Attend the gym at the set time and request a look around, we suggest taking your gym clothing for this part as you are entitled to ask for session so you can get a feel for the gym yourself. If so, you will have to complete a gym induction for health and safety reasons.

At the end of the session it is likely you will be approached to get your feedback on the session and facility, this is where they will likely discuss membership options available and assist you with choosing the right option based on your goals. From here you shall undergo a consultation, and likely be approached by fitness professionals offering their services!

Remember, choosing the gym is your decision. Do not be influenced by others!

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