How can you support your business through COVID-19?

As we know the current predicament is one of uncertainty, with many unsure of the outcome. We’ve created a list of a few aspects you can do to help support your business through this.

1 – Read relevant information 

Check with your insurance provider about how you’re covered, and revert back to professional bodies about what you should be doing with your practice. Also refer to regarding the latest information and the NHS regarding health and safety for yourself and your clients.

2 – Check your finances

Do you know how long you can function without clients? It’s important to get clarity quickly about when you stand, check your current subscriptions to see if there’s any you can cancel and check if there’s any clients which still owe you money. It may be difficult for you to ask, however it has to be done.

3 – Can you go online?

Being a massage therapist can be harder to transfer online as it requires physical contact, however there is a lot you can still do as a therapist to keep an income. These can include –

– Stretch sessions

– Online Consultations

– Movement videos

– Massage sessions

– Relaxation sessions

4 – Create or improve your online system

Create or improve programmes and videos which are educational and can help clients. These can either be free, or part of a paid series. These can include –

– Mobility programmes

– Movement videos

– Stretch programmes

5 – Create a better system

Have you been looking to implement a better booking or enquiry system? Now’s the time to make those vital upgrade to your webpage which can ensure effeciency.

 6 – Small business support

The government has set aside a set amount to help small business survive during this period. Look to research how it may help you.

7 – Plan your marketing

Create visually stimulating engagement which can be released over the coming months. Try read how the times will change or make the content transferable over a long period of time. E.g. Don’t create a lot of content for Easter offers, it doesn’t last long – make content which can be used all year round.

8 – Your tax return

The dreaded words. Look to get ahead on your tax return, you will thank yourself later.

9 – Educate yourself

Look to up skill through various courses you’ve been putting off for a long time! Also look to educate yourself through other media including podcasts and books. This content can be swapped and shared with other professionals!

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