How can you ensure you retain your clients?

Client retention to you as a fitness professional and the gym as a whole is vital. Research suggests its easier and cheaper to retain clients, than to search for new ones which is very true as you save money marketing!

The possibility of up-selling to an existing customer is much higher than selling to a new one, this is due to the trust and relationship which you have both built. Essentially retaining clients ensures a constant income which allows you to be comfortable in your job!

How can you help with retention? You need to go the extra mile and exceed their needs! This will ensure loyalty, improve your morale and ability, reduce the amount you spend on marketing and you’ll receive fewer complaints & claims! A great example of going the extra mile is helping a client with their nutrition, they could ask you for a quick tip in the gym. Instead of leaving it there, you could get their contact details and send them some information across! It’s not much but to a client, it’s the world of difference!

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