How can you create content?

We all know, content is king as fitness professionals! Clients want to see you putting your knowledge out there, as it inspires rapport and it’s educational! If you’re struggling to create content here are some key tips on what you can be creating!

1 – Create visually stimulating images!

By now you will know that just posting pictures of your abs will get you nowhere, just like writing an essay under a pointless picture – who’s reading it except your mum? You need to create stimulating images which are appealing on the eye, and give the viewer some knowledge about the post! Look to use Canva to create these images, it’s free to access via the internet and you can download an app. We do have a tutorial on our members section for any of you looking to enhance your content creation.

2 – Create home videos!

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t create videos because you don’t like your own voice – tough s***, video content is one of the best pieces of content you could be creating for your followers! There are multiple apps you could use including Splice, Final Cut Pro & iMovie. Look to film workouts, educational videos and entertainment to keep your audience engaged and attract new followers.

3 – Creating videos 2.0 you need recording equipment!

Now providing your phone isn’t a potato, do it off there! Just because you haven’t got a Hollywood set up, doesn’t automatically mean you can’t film videos. Use what you’ve got and make the best of it, if the content is engaging people won’t care about how it looks, they care more about what they’re getting out of it. Get used to videoing and talking in front of a camera before you begin spending thousands on your set up.

4 – Create guides!

Everyone loves having guides to follow in their life! Use this time to create guides for your clients based on various topics such as workouts and recipes. These can be client specific or utilised as a freebie to entice new clients into your buying cycle. Again look to use Canva to create these guides as there’s a multitude of templates readily available for you to add your own artistic spirit!

5 – Competitions!

Ensure everyone stays engaged in your business by rolling out competitions! All you need is some form of communication and something to give away!

Look to create as much helpful content over this time as you possibly can. It takes people’s mind off the situation and gives you a back log of content for after all this has blown over!

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