Hormone Spotlight: Peptide YY


To continue with our Hormone Spotlight segment, we’re going to have a look into Peptide YY. Hormones are the building blocks that ensure our body stays in a homeostatic state. Over the course of the month we’re going to have a look at 4 different hormones that affect hunger, appetite and satiety.

Peptide YY

This hormone is secreted from L-cells in the small intestine. The job of Peptide YY is to decrease your appetite, mainly after you have just finished eating a meal. How this happens is whilst you are eating a meal, the peptide YY hormone is secreted into the blood stream. Then the hormone will look to bind with receptors in the brain to trigger a satiating response, making you feel full after eating. The amount of Peptide YY that is secreted into the blood depends of the calorific value of the meal. The more calorie dense the meal, the more Peptide YY is released to help trigger a satiating response.

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