Have you heard of ‘New Running’?

Running not your thing? The annoyance of having to plan your route, grab all your equipment to track every step and then ultimately beat your personal best every time you leave the house can become dull and boring very quickly. This is where the aspect of New Running has been created.

New Running is essentially the cleanest form of running driven by you, your creativity and your ability.  It doesn’t require any gadgets, any planning and best of all no tracking your split times, it’s all about you and the open world.

What to expect?

Well essentially, don’t expect anything! You’re not going out to smash time records, run a certain distance or achieve anything really. It’s all about you exploring the open world around you, going on routes you wouldn’t normally and just taking in your environment in your favourite pair of running shoes!

There have been calls of ‘what’s the point’ from the hard core runners, but scientifically running reduces stress and relieves anxiety. As you can gently breeze the streets, or really pound the pavement in an attempt to ease your state of mind. What’s not to love?

You can even find New Running friends! 

Inspiring your friends and family to join you running, will have never been so easy with this new trend! They don’t need any equipment, and there’s no set distance you need to run! It’s all about getting out there, being active, getting social and running for the love of it.

Why New Running is going to be a great trend in 2019?

There are two main reason why we believe New Running will be a massive hit in 2019. Firstly, it’s great for peace and quiet from the world, not in the sense it’s not social, but because you get away from technology. In a world which is data driven, we need a way out where we can be at one with our body and mind. Secondly, there are no constraints! Whatever the weather, no matter if you have 20 minutes free or 24 hours, or if you don’t know exactly where you are – it adds to the excitement and variety in New Running! Mixing it up keeps it intersting and gives you that edge you need to pull yourself out of a busy world and be alone with yourself.


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