Have you had an unresponsive client?

Having a client go dark on you is a lot more common than you may believe. One week they’re tracking everything and easily contactable, the next, nothing.

Why do they go dark?

Clients may come up with hundreds of excuses however here are the most common –

I have no time

I’m not motivated enough

I have low confidence

I struggle training alone

I lack self-esteem

You need to remember that your job as a personal trainer has two parts, the trainer is the easy part! However, you need to remember that your services are personal to each of your clients! We’re not saying you need to be in contact 24/7, however you need to ensure you don’t neglect the personal aspect or your just a regular old boring trainer. Personal Trainers who go past the line of expectancy are often the ones with full diaries and happy clients!

Here are several easy steps to pull your client out of the dark.

Step 1 – Stop and think

Stop sending your client workout after workout if they haven’t showed up! Step into their shoes and see how they’re feeling, are they a full time single parent? Are they a student stressed with exams? Your job a this point turns more personal than trainer as its your job to create that step back into fitness for them.

Step 2 – Create that step

Instead of sending your client each workout and meal plan, let them put them to their back of their mind! Instead give them daily challenges which they can hit 100% which will increase their motivation! For example, ask them to park further away from work to increase their steps! It’s only a small goal but it shall add up each day!

Step 3 – Keep going

You need to be prepared that your first step idea may not be the best for your client. Therefore keep in contact and keep offering new and fresh ways to get them back involved! Yes, this may take time however this is the time you could have been creating their workouts so!

Step 4 – Motivation is key

Once you’ve got back in contact with your client you need to ensure you keep them motivated! There’s no point beasting and destroying them every session, begin easy and make sure you gives tonnes of encouragement!

Step 5 – The ‘If we don’t hear off you’ plan

History can repeat itself quite often, so ensure you and your client have a re-engagement plan! Ensure you ask your client what they want you to do once they go into the dark. Make sure you involved them in this process as it’s all about them and their goals!


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