Gym Scenarios 101 How do you react?

As part of a learning article we are going to present a few scenarios which happen often in the gym, which you need to learn to react to.

Scenario 1 – Whilst working the gym floor you notice an individual checking over the notice board.

What’s your plan here? We recommend you walk over and start up a conversation with the individual! Introduce yourself and ask them about what notices attract them most, these could include set classes or the trainers available in the gym. From here you can introduce your services, and who may run the classes which interest them, as well as providing times and motivating them to take part. This is all part of going the extra mile to ensure client retention!

Scenario 2 – A class has been cancelled, what do you do?

So, a class has been cancelled due to the instructor being ill, what do you do? Well firstly, how long is it until the class? If you’ve been alerted in the morning you can put out social posts, ensure it’s on the website and as many individuals have been alerted via text, phone call, email or social message.

If the class is due to begin momentarily, you need to explain that due to unforeseen circumstances the class has been cancelled. If the individuals have paid, you can offer them a good will gesture of their money back. If it comes free as part of their membership, you can offer them access to another class or offer to do something else for them during that time as long as you’re free and there is access to a room within the facility.

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