Gotta catch ’em all: Different types of personal training clients and how you can manage them

Since we can’t stop playing Pokémon GO, we decided to do another Pokémon related blog! We have found 6 different types of personal training clients, the Pokémon they all suit the best and how you can manage them.

First up is the easily distracted client, AKA Heracross.

Easily distracted clients will probably want to chat to you a lot so you need to try and engage them in the session and keep them focused. With this type of client, regular breaks will be most effective. Set them goals that they can work towards to help them stay focused and change up their routine so they don’t get bored of doing the same thing every time.


Quiet Client – Kingler

Quiet clients usually work really hard but might not speak to you that much. It can be difficult to get into a conversation with them but you shouldn’t take it personally. They may just take longer to open up or they prefer to train in silence so they can focus properly but eventually you will be able to build a relationship with them. With your quieter clients, make sure you keep the sessions challenging so they can push themselves more and more at each session and don’t lose interest.


Lazy Client – Snorlax

Lazy clients need that extra bit of motivation! With this type of client, it may be worthwhile creating a long term plan for them so they have something to work towards which may encourage them to work a bit harder. Make sure they are aware of how each session is helping them to improve their health and fitness and over time they should start to be more involved.


The Know It All Client – Mewtwo

This is the most challenging type of client. The one who thinks they know everything about fitness! They may not listen to a word you say but eventually you will tell them something they don’t know which will make them realise you can help them after all. Be confident and don’t let this kind of client intimidate you.


Negative Client – Gloom

When a client is negative and doesn’t think they are making any progress, they probably lack confidence. That’s why it’s important that you make it very clear to them how well they are doing so they can see for themselves how their hard work is paying off. A great way of changing their negative attitude is to set them goals so they will feel satisfaction when they achieve them and have something to celebrate!


Insecure Client – Weedle

It’s essential that you are sensitive towards insecure clients, as they probably feel very uncomfortable opening up about their insecurities. Be someone they can trust so you can work together to boost their confidence and make them feel happier and healthier! It will probably take longer for an insecure client to reach their fitness goals as they could be worrying about how they look or what other people think about them as these are common characteristics of an insecure person. However, if they feel like they can talk to you and be taken seriously, you will be able to help them in the best and most effective way.


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