Should you get a Sports Massage while pregnant?

Sports Massage Therapy is described as an alternative remedial technique to solve or improve a problem which an individual has.  This essentially means that there has been no studies completed solely on if a massage would help or cause problems to a pregnant individual. With this is mind, we did bit of research to see what professional massage therapists thought on the idea, and in particular analysing a deep tissue massage!

Massage Therapists perform deep tissue massages in an attempt to reach the underlying muscles, they do warn that the effects can be felt for multiple days after the massage has taken place. This also includes pressure points in an attempt to trigger deeper muscles in certain areas.

So what are the professionals saying? To summaries, there are therapists who sit on both sides of this argument. Some therapists believe that it’s completely okay, providing they have good knowledge of the anatomy and know the areas which they should be avoiding 100%. Other professionals completely stay away, purely as a precaution as they don’t want to be liable for any health precautions or worse case, birth defects. It’s important to mention, that some will also only massage if the individual provides a doctors note saying they believe it to be safe.

Why are they so varied about this topic? Well, the National Institute of Health has reported that there can be numerous benefits of a prenatal massage, with a trained professional that is. The massage can be useful with treating swelling, tension, pain and stress. Now, the pelvic muscle and pressure points associated with the pelvic muscles should be completely avoided at all costs during all stages of the pregnancy. These pressure points can be located in the wrists, hands and ankles. It is also important to to miss out any deep leg tissue massages, as this has a high chance of causing a blood clot, which can cause massive health risks.

So, ultimately there are professionals who sit on both sides of the fence. However, if you are to continue and get a massage while pregnant please seek medical advice prior!

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